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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be a client if I email information to you?
No. Transmitting information to me via email does not establish a psychologist-client relationship.

Are messages encrypted or stored in the system?
No. Messages are neither encrypted nor stored in the system, and they are deleted after they are read.

Will my email address be used for marketing?
No. I do not use any email address for marketing, and I do not distribute email addresses to anyone.

Will other office staff see my message?
No. Only I will see your message, but it is always wise to use discretion when sending anything over the internet.

How long will it take for a response?
Response time is usually within 24 hours---if you include your phone number. If not, I will respect your privacy and not reply.

What if I receive no reply?
If you receive no reply within 24 hours, call 770-913-0506 or send an email to Drdoverspike.com.